Syro Malabar Catholic Community Zόrich Biblekalolsavam 2018

Saturday 10. Nov 2018

Venue: Katholische Kirche St.Theresia, Borrweg 80, 8055 Zόrich

Start time: 9 am

Rules and Regulations

Pencil Drawing

bullet• Duration: 30 minutes.
bullet• Theme will be published two weeks before competition.
bullet• Paper pencils, erasers will be provided.

Pencil sharpeners should be brought by participants.

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

bullet• Content relevancy of the drawing to the given theme
bullet• Elements of drawing
bullet• Beauty of art
bullet• Detailing & expression of individuality / creativity
bullet• Christian message content
bullet• Time limit

Bible Reading

German, Malayalam and English

bullet• Duration: 2 min. Bell on time.
bullet• The reading should be directly from the Bible.

(English- The New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition, Malayalam, POC Bible)

bullet• Passages from Markus Kapital 1-8

(each of the contestants get only one Passage)

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

bullet• Beginning:

Example 1: Liebe Brόder und Schwestern, Lesung aus dem Buch Markus Kapital 1, Satz 1 bis 8…

bullet• Ends with a meaningful silence, then the Bible is closed respectfully. There is no need to say „The word of the Lord".
bullet• Clarity, proper word usage and pronunciation.
bullet• Tone quality, appropriate voice modulation, meaningful emphasis and eye contact with audience
bullet• Posture, confidence, personal style and flavor of reading.

Bible quiz

bullet• One Team consist of 2 participants
bullet• Subject: Markus Kapital 1-8
bullet• All questions will be asked in Malayalam and German
bullet• There will be 5-6 rounds
bullet• Duration: 30 minutes

Devotional song without Karaoke

bullet• Duration: 5 minutes.
bullet• If the song continues 30 seconds after the extra time limit, a bell will ring to inform the disqualification of the participant. Participant may continue and finish the item.
bullet• Only devotional songs will be allowed.
bullet• Karaoke will not be allowed.
bullet• One microphone on stand will be provided. Hand holding of microphone is not allowed

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

bullet• Christian message content
bullet• Voice quality
bullet• Choice of music, pitch accuracy, rhythm
bullet• Balance & blend, degree of difficulty, memorization
bullet• Style, phrasing, tempo, dynamics and emotional involvement
bullet• Appropriate appearance, posture, general conduct, facial expression.

Group Dance

bullet• Duration: Maximum 8 minutes
bullet• Group size: Minimum 3 and maximum 8 participants

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

bullet• Dance style & choreography
bullet• Christian Message Content & presentation of theme
bullet• Choice of music
bullet• Costumes & Synchronization


bullet• Duration: 10 minutes. All age groups can participate
bullet• Group Size: Minimum of 4 and maximum 8 participants
bullet• Participants can either deliver the dialogue live on stage or pre-recorded dialogues can be played

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

bullet• Originality, creativity and innovative, clarity, Power of message.
bullet• Quality of Idea
bullet• Theme
bullet• Performance
bullet• Presentation
bullet• Conclusion