Dear Friends

Swiss Malayalees Wiinterthur presents Vishudha Paulose, a drama to celebrate the life and works of St. Paul on 1st December at Heslihalle, Küsnacht - Zürich at 16:30 P.M. The biggest drama so far in Switzerland with over 40 actors and an opening program with almost 60 participants.

This annual Christmas show is dedicated to the needs of the charity organisation Deivadhan centre, Malayatoor. All profit from this show will be given to the centre. Come join us during this blessed season as we spread Culture for a Cause. Be a part of this Charity program during this Christmas season.     (please click the link or copy and paste in your Browser for more information)

There will be a Holy mass at 14:30 P.M at Heslihalle , Küsnacht - Zürich

Ticket Price : Adult Ticket 30 CHF and Child Ticket 20 CHF including dinner. Dinner at 20:00 P.M

Kind Regards

Office Bearers - Swiss Malayalees Winterthur